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Joanne Milton


Head of Clinical Research

Dr. Jo Milton is the Head of Clinical Research, responsible for the operational management of the unit's research portfolio and leadership of the trial and data management sections, ensuring that trials are conducted to the highest regulatory, ethical and scientific standards.

Jo has over ten years of experience in project managing phase II to IV clinical trials in diabetes and endocrinology, oncology and paediatrics.  Jo joined the Diabetes Trials Unit in 2010 as Project Manager for the Trial Evaluating Cardiovascular Outcomes with Sitagliptin (TECOS) and subsequently managed Translational Research Group (TRG) trials following the close-out of TECOS in 2015.

Originally training as a Dietitian, Jo went on to obtain her doctorate in nutrition from Imperial College, London, in 2007. Her professional interests include public and patient involvement and research ethics and Jo has participated in a number of methodology projects, including RECAP and PeRSEVERE. 

Outside of work Jo enjoys hiking, photography, dancing and gardening.

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