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Research groups

Jing Zhang

Postdoctoral Researcher

I graduated from Nanjin University of Technology (China) in 2006 with BEng degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering before I came to UK. I completed my PhD in July 2012 in Professor Jon Sayers’ group in the University of Sheffield where I studied the mechanism of structural specific endo/exo-nuclease. I moved to Oxford in September 2012 in Professor Terence Rabbitts’ group and I am now working on protein-protein interactions in cancer and methods for drug delivery.


Many human diseases involves abnormal protein complex, which makes protein-protein interactions a major target for drug development. One example is guanine nucleotide binding protein RAS, which is found frequently mutated in cancer. A single immunoglobulin variable region domain that specifically binds to activated GTP-bound RAS showed the ability to prevent RAS-dependent tumorigenesis in a mouse model. We are aiming to develop methods to deliver the antibody fragment or small compounds that mimic the binding sites of the antibody in vivo.