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Jennifer Brown

MA, DPhil

Clinical Lecturer in Cellular Pathology

My role is to co-ordinate the Histopathology teaching component of the Laboratory Medicine Course that is run each year for the new intake of Oxford clinical students.  

Our lecturers and tutors are Histopathology Consultants and Specialist Registrars based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, and we provide teaching on all aspects of General and Systems Pathology.  

The teaching methods range from lectures and small group teaching to 'Pathology Pot' and autopsy demonstrations. I am also expanding our web-based teaching resources, including virtual microscopy and creating on-line lessons and assessments. I have responsibility for the Oxford Clinical School Pathology Museum, which is a unique collection of surgical specimens dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, and still used as a key teaching resource for Oxford clinical students.      

I came to clinical medicine via the Graduate-Entry Course at Oxford in 2004, having previously completed a D.Phil in Molecular Haematology at the Institute of Molecular Medicine, and carried out several years of post-doctoral research in vertebrate developmental biology focusing on the molecular basis of limb and neural development.  I was Departmental Lecturer at the Department of Human Anatomy & Genetics in Oxford and was awarded the Lloyd's Tercentenary Fellowship in Medicine in 2001.  

I am currently completing my Specialist training in Histopathology, which runs alongside my teaching post.