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Huei-Wen Chuang

Mass Cytometry Specialist

BSc. MSc.

I've worked as a specialist in the Mass Cytometry Facility embedded in the Translational Immune Discovery Unit (TIDU) at the WIMM since 2022. I am in charge of experimental services, equipment/reagent stock maintenance, and assisting researchers with various aspects of project execution, including panel design, sample preparation/acquisition, troubleshooting, and data analysis under the supervision of Facility Manager, Michalina Mazurczyk.

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology and my Master’s Degree in Pathology and Immunology at Chang Gung University, Taiwan, in 2017 and 2019, focusing on the pathogenic mechanism of atopic dermatitis with Flow Cytometry. Before moving to Oxford, I was a field application specialist in the Flow Cytometry Team, supporting the newly launched full-spectral flow cytometer and setting up 44+ colours panels for immuno-phenotyping at CellBio, Inc. Additionally, I worked as a Flow Cytometer Operator/Research Assistant, establishing and conducting high-parameter flow cytometry clinical projects on human immune phenotyping screening and allergic lung diseases in Han-Pin Kuo's group at Taipei Medical University. This experience fueled my tremendous interest in high-parameter proteomics applications of immunology and subsequent data analysis.

In my current role, I aim to continue supporting cutting-edge laboratory research with Mass Cytometry, the most advanced cytometric platform, leveraging my experience in high-parameter cytometric panel design and clinical studies. If you are interested in starting a new Mass Cytometry project, please do not hesitate to contact the Facility.