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Heather Brouwer

Research Assistant

I moved to Oxford in 1999 to study a Masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. During the final year of my degree I specialised in human disease, neuropharmacology and glycobiolgy, and completed a 12 week lab project at the Glycobiology Institute under the supervision of Dr Terry Butters.

I joined the Davis Lab as a research assistant in July 2003. My early projects involved cloning, expressing and purifying CD28 and its family members for crystallography and binding studies. Since then my primary area of focus has been in the Superagonistic Antibody project. My key roles involve the generation of soluble ITIM-containing Immunoglobulin superfamily proteins for immunisations, and the subsequent epitope mapping of antibodies developed against these proteins. The focus of this work is to identify suitable antibody candidates for immunotherapy.