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Emma O'Brien

BSc, MSc, DPhil

Public Engagement and Communications Officer

As part of the RDM Strategic Team, I develop the department’s communications and public engagement activities. My role has three broad themes: internal communications, external communications and public engagement with research.

Internal Communications

I produce the RDM Weekly Bulletin, an e-newsletter designed to disseminate important information in a streamlined fashion. I also produce the RDM Quarterly Newsletter, which has more of a focus of success stories from across the department. Please get in touch if you have any content to include.

External Communications

I am Editor-in-Chief of the departmental website and work to increase visibility for our research through digital and traditional media, by working with the University Press Office. I also manage the departmental Twitter account – follow us @RDMOxford for the latest publications and opportunities.

Public Engagement with Research

I help researchers to design and deliver activities that engage a variety of public audiences with our science. By working at the department level, I aim to facilitate collaboration to maximise the reach of our engagement activities. Recent projects include the MRC Festival, Oxfordshire Science Festival and the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.  

Advice with grant applications

Working closely with Ruth McCaffrey, Research Strategy Co-ordinator, I assist researchers with lay summaries and Pathways to Impact statements.

I have an academic research background, completing a DPhil at the University of Oxford in 2014 before moving into the communications sector.