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Corinne Prescott


Research Support Officer, WIMM

My primary role is to manage all funding applications on behalf of NDCLS researchers based at WIMM. It is my responsibility to ensure that all applications are costed appropriately, that the documentation is complete and the submission complies with funder requirements. I liaise with funding bodies during the application stage, and with the University's Research Services Office to process applications and arrange for the set-up of newly award grants.  

I circulate new funding opportunities to our PIs and postdoctoral researchers as they arise and, when appropriate, suggest specific calls which might suit particular individuals or initiatives.   

I also provide support to postdoctoral researchers in planning research funding applications, assisting in identifying appropriate awards and Fellowships, and with the non-scientific elements of research funding applications, including:

  • explaining the application process,
  • advising on eligible costs, and
  • ensuring that all the required documentation is in place

Before joining the WIMM in 2019 I worked in research support in the Departments of Psychiatry and Experimental Psychology at Oxford, and prior to that in administration and research roles at King’s College London. 

For any grant queries, please contact me at

Please note that although I can answer general questions from any WIMM researchers, I can only give application support to the following groups: Buckle, De Bruijn, Fulga, Gibbons, Goriely, Higgs, Hughes, Iotchkova, Jacobsen, Morrissey, Mead, Milne, Nerlov, Porcher, Rabbitts, Sahakyan, Sauka-Spengler, Taylor, Vyas, and Wilkie.