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Charlotte Herdman

Research Assistant

I joined the University in 2015 as a research assistant for the Leeson group.  I support a variety of studies but mainly those that explore blood pressure in the young adult population (ExPresSO, TEPHRA, YACHT).  The TEPHRA study in particular focuses on the cardiovascular system and how its structure and function is influenced by exercise and whether there is a difference between young adults that were born preterm and full term.  My role is to facilitate recruitment, screen those who want to participate and data collection which includes echocardiography, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, retinal scanning and ECG. Part of my job role also involves me supporting the Senior Echocardiographer in our facility.  I scan and report for various studies that come through the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility such as OxVasc which investigates stroke prevention, cardiac device trials (MORE MPP, WICS, RADI-CRT), and OxWatch which studies young women during different gestational stages of their pregnancy.   More recently I have started scanning in cardiac outpatients which gives me the opportunity to gain more clinical experience and I am currently working towards BSE accreditation.