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Camilo Quevedo

Project Leader

I joined Professor Rabbitts group as the Project Manager of his Wellcome Trust SDDI award in 2013. The aim of the SDDI project is to identify small molecule candidates capable of inhibiting or interfering with intracellular protein-protein interactions, especially cancer associated oncogenic protein interactions and using antibody fragments as structural templates.

Prior to this appointment, I undertook a post-doctoral research position under the supervision of Professor Steve Davies and Dr Angela Russell at the Chemistry Research Laboratory, Oxford (2008 – 2013). During my post-doctoral research, I had the opportunity to work on a broad range of medicinal chemistry projects varying from the synthesis of novel PIM kinase inhibitors, to anti-viral agents against Hepatitis C virus as well as Protein Methyl Transferase inhibitors (PRMT). I obtained my PhD in Organic Chemistry at The Institute of Cancer Research under the supervision of Dr Edward McDonald and Professor Julian Blagg, working on Protein Kinases and Wnt pathway inhibitors. My interest in chemistry came after I graduated as BSc at Kings College London where I also undertake an MSc in synthetic chemistry.