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Annabelle McCourt

Bsc (hons), MSc

Clinical Research Physiologist

Annabelle completed her undergraduate degree in sports studies and subsequently a Master of Science in clinical exercise physiology. This led to a role with the Lesson Group in 2018 as a clinical research assistant. She supported the UK's  largest multi-centre, observational study of stress echocardiography; EVAREST (Extracellular Vesicles at Rest and Stress), which later led to a collaboration with the British Society of Echocardiography producing the first ever BSE national review of stress echocardiography practice (BSE N-STEP) that Annabelle project managed since 2021.

Her current role as a clinical research physiologist has developed from the experience gained from scanning participants from various studies within CCRF including, TEPHRA (Trial of exercise to prevent hypertension in young adults), OxVasc (stroke prevention), CHAPTER (Cardiovascular health assessment of preterm and term-born children), POP-HT (Physcian optimised post-partum hypertension treatment), #SELFIE (Study from early life with follow-up into early adulthood) and HyperEcho (Hypertension management in young adults personalised by echocardiography and clinical outcome). Annabelle now provides the cpet and echo support for all the internal and external paediatric and adult studies, whilst working towards her BSE accreditation in echocardiography.

In addition, Annabelle trains the new DPhil students to echo and provides research guidance as they learn to work with participants and operate physiology equipment.