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Annabelle McCourt

Bsc (hons), MSc

Clinical Research Assistant

I joined the Leeson group in July 2018, as a clinical research assistant in the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility, after gaining a masters in clinical exercise physiology. I now primarily support two major studies. EVAREST (Extracellular Vesicles at Rest and Stress) and TEPHRA (Trial of Exercise to Prevent Hypertension in Young Adults) and ). 

EVAREST is a large expanding multi-centre observational study. Working alongside Ultronmics ltd., the Leeson group is investigating, using artificial intelligence how to improve the diagnostic and prognostics interpretation of stress echocardiography in diseased populations. My role within this study includes recruitment of patients, data collection, and overseeing the return of data from multiple sites across England.

TEPHRA is an interventional trial, investigating the potential positive effects moderate intensity exercise has on young hypertensive adults born pre-term. My role within this study requires the screening of participant and data collection, which includes resting echocardiography, ECG, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, retinal imaging, gait analysis, blood pressure and venepuncture.

As part of my role, I am gaining the experience in echocardiography and have the opportunity to scan multiple participants from various studies, including TEPHRA and OxVasc, a stroke prevention study.