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Anna Corby

Research Assistant

I work as a Research Assistant in Dr Lynn Quek's laboratory, helping to investigate one of the most common aggressive leukaemias in adults, known as Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). The project I am most involved with aims to characterise the response of patients to a novel combination of drugs, as many patients currently relapse after treatment. By integrating genetic, epigenetic and functional data from patient samples collected over the course of their treatment and combining this data with clinical outcomes, we hope to better understand the resistance of AML to drug therapies.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (BSc Hons) from Durham University. I then completed three months of experience in Dr Yun Ma's laboratory at the Institute of Liver Sciences at King's College London, helping with research into autoimmune liver disease, before moving to Oxford in October 2018 to work with Dr Quek.