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Angela Garrett

Head of Operations, Diabetes Trials Unit

Angela became Head of Operations at the Diabetic Trials Unit in August 2023.

Having started her career in banking she had various accounts related positions before entering the world of clinical trials in 2007 with Oxford BioMedica. Working as a CTA on the TRIST trial, a phase III international randomised trial looking at the combination of standard treatment and vaccine for advanced kidney cancer. Also providing support for the set-up of the ProSavin trial a phase I a gene therapy trial targeting the motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Angela first joined Oxford University in the NPEU CTU in January 2010, as Trial Manager of the BOOST-II trial a double blind randomised controlled trial targeting oxygen saturation levels in preterm babies before moving on to manage the PHOENIX trial. PHOENIX was a multi-centre randomised trial to determine whether early induction or expectant management is better for women with pre-eclampsia and their babies.

She then moved to the Centre for Rehabilitation Research in Oxford (RRIO) in October 2016 where she managed the BOOST trial, a multi-centre randomised controlled trial designed to evaluate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of group physiotherapy for neurogenic claudication and oversaw the running of the Oxford Pain, Activity and Lifestyle (OPAL) study, a large long running cohort study. As Senior Trial Manager for the RRIO group she also provided support to the other Trial Managers within the group.

Moving on to join the Diabetic Trials Unit in October 2023 as Senior Trial Manager.