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Amanda Bennett


Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests include investigating the role of genetic variants and their influence on risk of metabolic traits, as well as characterising the functional consequences. At present my main research focus is investigating the functional effects of genetic variants in HNF1a in collaboration with other groups. 

Using techniques such as dual reporter luciferase, western blotting and electric mobility shift assays, variants found through the 13K genomes project and patient databases are being characterised.  

Previously I've been involved in replication efforts for genome wide association studies (GWAS) into loci associated with T2D, obesity and other metabolic phenotypes or diseases.

I'm involved with the senior academic faculty (SAF) and safety advisory committee (SAC) based in OCDEM.  My responsibilities include arranging a staff and student seminar series, planning and participating in public engagement events, both at OCDEM and externally at schools, Science festivals and Science week events around Oxford. My wider role within the group includes staff and student training and supervising, administrative support and training for the use of our groups' equipment and administrating the experimental use of human tissue samples.