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Alexander Redmond

BSc MRes

DPhil Student


Before arriving in Oxford I obtained a BSc Biomedical Sciences degree from the University of Manchester. As part of my undergraduate degree, I spent a year working at the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim based in Biberach an der Riß, Germany. Whilst there I worked within the Drug Discovery Sciences (DDS) department developing an enzyme inhibitor screening assay using high-throughput MALDI-TOF MS. After my placement year I completed a science communication/public engagement project in Prof Sheena Cruickshank's lab publishing material aimed at promoting uptake of the annual 'flu jab' as well as the upcoming development of a universal influenza vaccine.

Following on from my bachelors, I completed an MRes in Experimental and Translational Immunology within the Division of Infection and Immunity, University College London (UCL). As part of this I completed a 9-month research project co-supervised by Dr Anne Pesenacker and Dr Matt Reeves investigating whether human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is able to manipulate human regulatory T-cell (Treg) phenotype and function in order to aid it's persistence within the host. 

Research Interests

I joined the MRC Human Immunology Unit within the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM) in October 2022 as a DPhil student in the Rehwinkel lab.

My research aims are to investigate mechanisms the type I interferon (IFN) response is modulated, and what effects this has in different disease contexts. I am a grateful recipient of the MRC WIMM Prize DPhil Studentship. 

Recent publications

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