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Akshay Shah

BMedSci (Hons), BM BS, MSc, DipHRes, MRCP, FRCA

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

  • DPhil Student

I am an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow and Specialist Registrar in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care. The focus of my DPhil research is to assess whether intravenous iron could be used to treat anaemia in patients who have survived intensive care (ICU).

Anaemia is very common in ICU survivors. It can persist at even up to 6 months after ICU discharge and is associated with poor quality of life and lower physical functioning. Using new tests of iron status such as hepcidin, a significant proportion of these patients may be iron deficient – the most common treatable cause of anaemia worldwide. I am aiming to determine whether intravenous iron can be an efficacious treatment for anaemia in these patients.

I am using multiple methods to assess the value of iron in this setting such as systematic reviews, laboratory assessments of iron status using novel assays and a randomised controlled feasibility trial of intravenous iron to treat anaemia in ICU survivors.