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Aik Seng Ng


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Functional Cancer Genetics

Research Summary

My research interest is centered around unraveling the complexities of the human gut and deciphering its intricate role in both disease pathogenesis and aging. Currently, my research endeavour is focused on elucidating the intricate genetic landscape underlying the predisposition of individuals to develop polyps and colorectal cancer (CRC). 


A recipient of the National Science Scholarship from A*STAR Singapore, I have recently awarded DPhil in Medical Sciences under the supervision of Prof David Kerr. My doctoral research focused on the metabolic deregulations of colorectal cancer (CRC) arising from stromal-epithelial interactions in the tumor-microenvironment (TME). Prior to my doctoral studies, I undertook research in T-cell signaling at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, NTU Singapore. Thereafter, I joined p53Laboratory, A*STAR Singapore to work on functional screens for binders against p53 tumor suppressor protein and contributed to the lab's Covid-19 research efforts, under the supervision of Prof Sir David Lane and Dr Farid Ghadessy.