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The Radcliffe Department of Medicine has launched a new initiative – the Oxford Centre for Haematology (OCH). Through this virtual Centre we aim to promote integration between academic and clinical haematology programmes in the University and Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and thereby capitalise on scientific opportunities to transform our understanding of haemopoiesis and blood diseases.

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OCH builds on over 40 years of haematology research excellence in Oxford. From the pioneering work on globins led by Professor Sir David Weatherall, Prof John Clegg and Prof Doug Higgs, through to our current position of driving the largest blood cancer clinical trials program in the UK, Oxford is truly a powerhouse of haematology research. OCH will build on, and enhance, our understanding of blood cancers, ageing of the haemopoietic system and the links with inflammation and immunity. In order to drive success, the Centre will also raise new funding for research, trials and implementation into clinical practice, alongside training the next generation of scientists and healthcare professionals.

The Centre will be hosted by RDM, embedded within the Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, but aims to actively draw members from beyond the department. OCH will be led by Prof Paresh Vyas, who is ideally positioned to bridge the academic and clinical facets of this collaborative venture. Partnerships are at the heart of OCH – between researchers and clinicians, with industry and with patients – and we look forward to seeing the improved patient outcomes that can arise from better integration of resources and ideas.

You can learn more about OCH on the RDM website. Additionally, OCH will be hosting its Inaugural Symposium on 26 March. This will be an opportunity for you to learn about the Centre‘s goals and research priorities. All are invited – please register here.

Please direct any questions about OCH to Julie Stevens in the first instance.


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