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We are keen to build new collaborations between researchers in different parts of the department and to foster new synergies. To aid in this process, each year we make funding available to pump prime new initiatives.

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We are looking to fund novel and innovative projects which would be difficult to get funded from external peer-reviewed sources. This may be because: the project is too high risk, the data is too preliminary, a rapid funding decision is needed, or where there are concerns about confidentiality that make external peer-review unattractive.

We will give priority to applications that initiate a new collaboration between researchers who have not previously worked together and who are based in different divisions of RDM (CVM, IMD, NDCLS, OCDEM and MRC WIMM). However, if well justified, applications will also be considered where a new collaboration is being established between researchers within the same division of RDM.

Any researcher based in RDM is eligible to apply - you do not have to be a PI. Applications with non-RDM applicants or collaborators will not be considered.

We anticipate funding up to two awards, up to a maximum of £50k per award.

Applications should be a maximum of three A4 pages in length, and should contain:

  • Names of the RDM researchers who will lead the project and their affiliations
  • Proposed start and end dates
  • An abstract
  • A clearly stated hypothesis (except in cases of technique development)
  • A description of the work to be undertaken
  • A clear account of what preliminary data will be generated by this work that could enable a subsequent grant application submission to an external funding agency
  • An explanation as to why pump priming funding is necessary
  • A summary of the funding requested with a clear justification of the costs
  • Any other collaborators involved (if you are a researcher in RDM and not a PI, then your PI should be listed as a collaborator)
  • Any other relevant information.


Where necessary, please also include the following:  

  • If the lead researchers are not PIs, then also attach a 2-page CV for each researcher.
  • If you have previously been awarded RDM Pump Priming funding, in a few sentences, please list how it has benefitted you (eg the results may have contributed to a publication or were included as preliminary data in a subsequent grant application).

Funds can be used for consumables, equipment, animal costs, travel and personnel costs. Where possible, applications should not include a request to fund personnel who will be hired into a one-year position, as we recognise the difficulties associated with such short term hires.

Please ensure you inform your lead administrator if you are submitting an application and you must obtain, and include in your application, an X5 costing from your administrator if funds for staff are requested.

Deadline: Midday, Monday 29 April 2019.

Please email applications to Serena Briant ( Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of senior academics within RDM. Applications will not be sent for external peer review. Please direct any questions to Serena Briant.