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Oxford University Security Service

Based at the Old Observatory in South Parks Road, the Oxford University Security Service now benefits from having both a Crime Prevention Design Advisor and a Crime Prevention and Reduction Advisor on the team.

These posts allow for the provision of specialist advice, support and guidance to those working across the University in respect of Crime Prevention through environmental design, physical security of existing and new buildings and personal safety of students, staff and visitors.


Cycle crime

For the OUSS advice on cycle crime please follow this link.

Guidance on armed attacks

In consultation with the Student Union (OUSU) and the University's Public Affairs Directorate, an information sheet has been produced for staff and students on what to do in the event of an armed attack.

Personal Safety Alarms

Personal safety alarm

OUSS has provided OCDEM with a supply of personal safety alarms which are available, free of charge, to any member of OCDEM staff, male or female, who would like one.

Please come and see Finance/Admin if you would like to receive one.

Visitor/temporary security swipe cards

The Personnel office has a small number of visitor/temporary swipe cards which are available for issue in the correct circumstances on receipt of a £5.00 deposit. This deposit will only be refunded on safe return of the card.

If it is not feasible to request a deposit, the person receiving the card will be made aware that they are signing their agreement for a charge to be raised against their company/organisation/group or person should the card not be returned.

The personnel authorised to issue visitor/temporary cards are the Senior HR Officer and Departmental Administrator to whom any approach for issue of a card should be made.