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There are currently no statutory regulations specific to laser safety but their use is covered by the general requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.  In addition the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require that a risk assessment of the work activity is undertaken, that significant findings are recorded, and that appropriate control measures are implemented. 
All new Laser equipment containing  Class 3 or 4 lasers, even those 'Class 1 by design',  should be registered with the Departmental Laser Supervisor Dr Kingsley Micklem.

Laser registration
A laser inventory must be maintained by the DLS for all lasers, except inherently safe Class 1 lasers (e.g. laser printers, CD players etc) and laser pointers below Class 3.  The inventory must include 'Class 1 by design' products that have embedded Class 3 or 4 lasers whose beams might be exposed during routine service and maintenance. Supervisors must ensure that all relevant lasers under their control are registered with the DLS.  In particular, they must notify the DLS before use of any new laser.
Risk assessment
In line with the Management of Health & Safety at Work regulations, the risks associated with laser systems must be suitably and sufficiently assessed.  The purpose of the assessment is to systematically identify all hazards associated with the laser system and assess the risk arising from both normal and/or non-routine use.
Laser pointers
The use of Class 1 or 2 laser pointers is not covered by this policy as their use, even during presentations, is unlikely to pose a significant risk. Users should avoid pointing the beam at any individual. Some laser pointers are now available with higher output powers, thus placing them in the higher class of lasers (i.e. Class 3B or 4). In addition, the classification of laser pointers from certain suppliers has been shown to be inadequate. Individuals must ensure that laser pointers are obtained from reputable suppliers and that they are correctly classified. Lasers marked Class 3R or above, or where the known output power is greater than 1 mW, or whenever there is any uncertainty, must not be used.
This is part of the University's Safety Policy as stated in University Policy Statement.
The Registrations and Assessments for the Department can be downloaded from the Novell shared drive 'NDCLS/Safety'