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In the areas listed below, the persons named have overall executive authority for safety.

Responsible Room/Location Use
Dr. A. Graham      1451, Level 1, JR2      Office     
Mrs. S. Roberts-Gant      1822, 1823, 1825, 1827 (used jointly with NHS), Level 1, JR2      PM room, Observation etc.     
Prof. A. Banham    3A30, Level 3, Academic Block, JR2      Office     
Prof. A. Banham       4709, Level 4, JR2      Office     
Dr. A. Graham      4734, Level 4, JR2      Office     

Dr. A. Graham

Mr. D. Smith     

4736, Level 4, JR2 (used jointly with NHS)      Dark Room     
Prof. A. Banham      4A22, Level 4, Academic Block, JR2      Office     
Associate Prof.         A. Schuh      4720, Level 4, JR2      Lab     
Dr. I. Pringle    4834A-D, 4826, 4836, 4824, 4814, 4811, 4809, 4805, 4807, 4820, 4824, Level 4, JR2      Labs     

Dr. I. Pringle

Dr B. Shine     

Rooms 4808 and 4814 (used jointly with NHS), Level 4, JR2      Cold/ Dark room     
Dr. H. Dolatshad      5501, Level 5, JR2 Lab & Office

Prof. D. Ferguson

Mrs. S. Roberts-Gant     

1A716, 1A721, 1A722, 1A723, 1A724, 1A728 (used jointly with NHS), Level 1, Academic Block, JR2      Labs & Offices     

Prof. F. Pezzella

Prof. A. Banham     

4A10A, 4A13, 4A14, 4A14A, 4A15, 4A17, 4A17A, Level 4, Academic Block, JR2      Labs & Office     
Dr. A. Graham 4A12, 4A12A, 4A12B, 4A12C, Level 4, Academic Block, JR2 Lab & Offices
Mrs. E. Gordon      4A11, 4A25A, 4A120, 4A121, 4A122, 4A123A & B,         4A124, 4A125, 4A126, 4A127, 4A128, 4A129, 4A130, 4A131, Level 4, Academic Block, JR2      Offices & Seminar room     
Prof. A. Banham      4A25, Level 4, Academic Block      Museum     
  • All those with executive responsibility should notify the Head of NDCLS Division [and the Divisional Safety Officer and the Area Safety Officer where appointed] of any planned, new or newly identified significant hazards in their areas and also of those control measures needed to avert any risks involved.
  • It is the duty of the Head of Division to ensure adherence to the University Health and Safety Policy, and so will instruct every employee with a supervisory role [and the Divisional Safety Officer and Area Safety Officer where appointed] to report to them any breach of the Policy.
  • Where supervisors or others in charge of areas or with specific duties are to be absent for significant periods (e.g. more than a week), adequate substitution must be made in writing to the Head of Division and such employees and other persons as are affected. For short periods of absence the necessary arrangements apply and their deputy will assume responsibility.

    Revised 12th May 2015