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Learn more about health and safety in NDCLS.

Safety Officers/Supervisors

Please consult our Health and Safety factsheet for more information.

Post Responsible Person in Division

NDCLS Divisional Safety Officer (DSO) and Facilities Manager

Dr. Andrew Graham (20555)

NDCLS Deputy Divisional Safety Officer (DDSO)

Dr. Amanda Anderson (20993)

Divisional Safety Officer  - MSD

Dr. Graham Ross (22789)

Divisional Fire Officer (DFO)

Dr. Demin Li (20993)

Deputy Divisional Fire Officer (DDFO)

Dr. Andrew Graham (20555)

Divisional Electrical Safety Supervisor (DESS)

Dr. Andrew Graham (20555)

Divisional Biological Safety Officer (DBSO)

Associate Prof. Steve Hyde (21845)

Deputy Divisional Biological Safety Officer (DDBSO)

Dr. Hamid Dolatshad (22912)

Divisional Laser Supervisor (DLS)

Dr. Andrew Graham (20555)

Display Screen Equipment coordinator

Ms. Stacey Da Silva (20555)

Senior Display Screen Assessor

Dr. Andrew Graham (20555)

Display Screen Assessor

Dr. Andrea Pellagatti (20344)

Manual Handling Assessor

Dr. Andrew Graham (20555)

First Aid

Dr. Deborah Hay  (20506)

Any medically qualified staff or contact the Accident and Emergency Department, Level 1,
John Radcliffe Hospital (20208/20209)