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Reconciling work, private and family life during the Covid-19 pandemic, survey infographic text.

354 Respondents

  • 37% Non-clinical
  • 26% Clinical
  • 24% Administration
  • 10% Student
  • 3% Undeclared


  • 58% Female
  • 0.3% Non-binary
  • 37% Male


  • 63 Respondents identified as being from a racial or ethnic minority



  • Less commuting
  • Meetings more accessible
  • Remote working can improve efficiency
  • Increased time with family and friends
  • Flexible working



  • Impeded research
  • Impeded career progression
  • Stress of short term contracts
  • Home and work boundaries blurred
  • Increased caring responsibilities
  • Reduced interactions with colleagues


Moving forward. Quotes from respondents

"I think that we have learnt that many of the processes were slightly outdated and that we can work equally if not more efficiently electronically"

Childcare facilities are essential for productivity: "... if my baby can't go to nursery that means I'm having to do a full day of caring then try to make up work hours in the evening..."

"I think working from home should become more acceptable without question from line managers"

"... regular reunion of colleagues is also a good idea for our mental health and maintaining a supportive environment"