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RDM Image Competition Winner

Dear all,

I’d like to begin by highlighting the excellent news we had this term: our Athena SWAN Silver award has been renewed for the next five years. The application for this award really was a cross-departmental effort, with researchers and support staff from every part of RDM contributing their data and reports, and the RDM Strategic team working over many months to put the application together.

More importantly, the ideas about how we can continue to foster gender equality in RDM have also come from across the department, and we will be calling on your help to implement our action plan. If you have more ideas, or think you might want to join the Athena SWAN self-assessment committee, please do get in touch with our Athena SWAN facilitator, Charlotte Smith.

This term we also had 26 new DPhil students join us – a very warm welcome to all of you, and I hope your time at the Radcliffe Department of Medicine is fruitful and enjoyable.

We also end the year with four new Professors in the department, including Professor Amanda Adler, Professor of Diabetic Medicine and Health Policy, who has now formally taken up the Directorship of the Diabetes Trial Unit; Professor Hal Drakesmith, Professor of Iron Biology; Professor Jim Hughes, Professor of Gene Regulation; and Professor Stephen Hyde, Professor of Molecular Therapy. We also have one of only seven researchers across the whole University who have been chosen as Public Engagement Leaders at the University, with the aim of bringing about culture change and embedding public engagement as part of normal business of research – many congratulations to Dr Katharine Owen, and we look forward to the developments in this area.

Congratulations also to our 2019 Graduate Prize winners: Yi-Ling Chen, Falk Schneider and Yale Michaels. As with previous years, they will be presenting their work at the next RDM annual symposium, which takes place Monday 23 March at the Maths Institute, and we very much look forward to hearing about their work and future career plans.

Thank you to each and every member of the department, for all your hard work and commitment this past year and for helping to make RDM an excellent place to work, and a a contributor to scientific excellence: this November, Oxford University was ranked as the world’s best institution for medical and health teaching and research for the ninth consecutive year.

I wish you all a wonderful break over the festive season,


With best wishes for Christmas,

Hugh Watkins

December 2019 RDM newsletter