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Drawing of hands clapping

Many congratulations to all our researchers!

The following researchers are now Full Professors :

  • Dr Thomas Milne (MRC MHU, MRC WIMM, NDCLS), Professor of Haematology
  • Dr Ross Chapman (MRC MHU, MRC WIMM, NDCLS), Professor of Genome Maintenance Biology

The following researchers have all been awarded Associate Professor Titles:

  • Graham Collins (NDCLS), Associate Professor of Haematology
  • Betty Raman (OCMR, CVM), Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Christopher Toepfer (CVM), Associate Professor of Developmental Genetics
  • Adam Wilkinson (MRC MHU, MRC WIMM, NDCLS), Associate Professor of Stem Cell Biology
  • Stephen Twigg (WIMM, NDCLS), Associate Professor of Developmental Genetics
  • Susie Shapiro (NDCLS), Associate Professor Haematology

We are also delighted to announce eight new Principal Investigators at RDM:

There will be another call in 2023 for applications for PI status in RDM.

Externally recruited Principal investigators

Dr David Hodson has now formally started at OCDEM

Dr Anjali Kusumbe (MRC HIU, MRC WIMM, IMD).