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  •  Dr Sarah Gooding (MRC MHU, MRC WIMM, NDCLS) CRUK Clinician Scientist Fellowship. Title: Exploiting recurrent chromosome copy number alteration (CNA)-driven defects in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma
  • Professor Ross Chapman (MRC MHU, MRC WIMM, NDCLS) CRUK Senior Research Fellowship. Title: Mechanisms underpinning distinct manifestations of Homologous Recombination deficiency in cancer
  • Dr Ewa Gogola (MRC MHU, MRC WIMM, NDCLS) Wellcome Early-Career Award. Title: DNA damage-induced hepatocyte polyploidisation – how it happens and what are its consequences?
  • Dr Bing Tseu (MRC MHU, MRC WIMM, NDCLS) MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship. Title: Graft versus Leukaemia (GvL): Identification & characterisation of GVL antigens and cognate T cell responses in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
  • Dr Naveed Akbar (CVM) BHF Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship Title: Harnessing endothelial cell extracellular vesicles in acute myocardial infarction
  • Associate Professor Svetlana Reilly (CVM) BHF Senior Basic Science Research Fellowship Title: Molecular mechanisms of aberrant calcitonin receptor localisation in human atrial fibroblasts in persistent atrial fibrillation
  • Associate Professor Oliver Rider (CVM) BHF Senior Clinical Research Fellowship to investigate the relationship between cardiac substrate metabolism, cardiac energetics and cardiac function in multiple diseases with a focus on cardiometabolic heart disease and heart failure
  • Dr Nicolas Crump (MRC MHU, MRC WIMM, NDCLS) KKLF Intermediate Research Fellowship Title: Probing the role of novel enhancer usage in acquired drug resistance