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Man giving lecture to large crowd

The RDM hosts a large number of undergraduate and graduate-entry medical students at various stages of their training, as well as Final Honours School undergraduate students in physiological sciences, biochemistry and related disciplines.  Many scientists and clinicians allied to RDM are active in providing teaching and educational supervision for these students.

The RDM Education Committee exists to support and promote teaching across the department. If you're interested in getting involved in teaching, or if you would like to improve your teaching skills with formal faculty development opportunities, please do get in touch with us at

RDM Tutorial Teaching Mentorship Programme

The tutorial system in Oxford is made up of a series of small group teaching sessions that, when used appropriately, are useful tools to engage students and promote deep learning.

This course will help you understand how the Oxford Tutorial System works and how to access it. It will provide first notions on how to motivate students and implement inclusive teaching.

Most importantly, you will have first hand experience on how to prepare and run a tutorial by participating in a practical session and creating your own sessions with the help and feedback of RDM senior tutors.

Aims of the course

  • Learn about the structure and objectives of the Oxford tutorial, and departmental organisation/reporting systems.
  • Discuss ways to get started with your teaching.
  • Discuss teaching challenges with peers and more experienced teachers.
  • Have the opportunity to observe a tutorial session to find out about local teaching practices.
  • Have the opportunity to design your own teaching session and receive feedback from senior tutors.
  • Know where to access resources to support the development of your teaching skills (e.g.  the PGCert in Teaching & Learning in higher education provided by the Centre of Teaching and Learning).



Pre-course material: Canvas course An introduction to tutorial teaching’___ (Individual online work).

Session 1         Introduction, case studies and tutorial preparation___________ (Group session, 1h).

Session 2        Tutorial Observation____________________________________(Individual session).

Session 3         Discuss tutorial observation and Q&A_____________________(Group session, 1h).

Session 4         Create your own session!________________________________(Individual work).



Anyone interested in teaching tutorials in Oxford or improve their own sessions. You don’t have to have previous teaching experience.

Please do get in touch with us at if you are interested to attend the course during Hillary term. Deadline January 6th 2022



Are you a doctor in training at the OUH with an interest in teaching? The RDM recognises and supports the major contribution that non-consultant medical staff make to teaching for students in clinical areas allied to its divisions, and invites you to apply for honorary clinical teaching fellowship status. 

For more information, please see our application form here, or contact for more information.