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In his email on 24 November Prof Hugh Watkins, Head of Department reiterated our commitment to the elimination of harassment and bullying behaviour within RDM. Anti-bullying and harassment training is mandated for all staff within RDM and should be completed either online or via face-to-face training sessions, with training valid for three years. If you have not completed either the online course or attended a face-to-face session within the last three years please sign up for one of the courses below or complete the on-line course.

19 June, 10am-12pm, Room B, Seminar Room B, Level 6, West Wing, John Radcliffe ***CANCELLED***

The course will be delivered by Gillian Morris from the Medical Sciences Divisional office along with RDM staff, and will be introduced by Prof Hugh Watkins. The course will cover what is meant in terms of policy (and legislation) by the terms bullying and harassment and enable participants to: 

• Reflect on what bullying and harassment looks like in RDM and consider the actor and receiver's perspective

• Identify the responsibilities of the leader/manager and all staff in addressing bullying and harassment

• Consider firm management vs. bullying behaviours

• Be aware of what you can do to intervene if others are bullied or harassed or if you feel you are being bullied or harassed

•Find extra sources of support

Please contact with any questions.