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Training and career development

RDM is fully committed to supporting the career progression of all our staff and students. Within the department we have a number of initiatives and schemes:

  1. The RDM Career Development Committee represents all staff and students across the department, provides training and support at key career transitions and raises awareness of career development opportunities.
  2. RDM has a Mentoring Scheme open to all our staff and postgraduate students. The scheme has been carefully designed to support members with their personal development as well as professional goals. To find out more about the RDM mentoring scheme, including the benefits for mentors and mentees, email us at More information is available for current staff
  3. All staff members have an annual Personal Development Review (PDR) with their line manager, to ensure staff have the resources required to do their role and to reflect on their long term career development.

We encourage our staff and students to also make the most of the wide range of training, workshops and development courses that the University offers to support career progression.

Recognition and promotions

All staff members can be nominated for or apply for merit awards, in the annual Reward and Recognition Scheme, the conferment of titles of University Research Lecturer or Associate Professor, or the title of full Professor via the annual Recognition of Distinction exercise. See information on University Salary Scales and the Oxford Academic Career Path, which includes information on University Titles.  

Grants and fellowships

We provide tailored advice and guidance to all RDM research staff and students who would like support in applying for funding. RDM has a process to coordinate and support all applications for external fellowships. We support researchers by providing individual feedback on applications and arranging mock interviews. In this way applicants can benefit from the extensive expertise within RDM, across a broad range of funding bodies.

We release RDM Funding Opportunities Bulletins every two months, to provide information on upcoming internal and external funding opportunities, particularly fellowships. Our Funding Database is available to staff and students to provide information on potential funding sources. Each year we organise a Grant Writing Workshop to provide members of RDM insight into how to write an effective grant application and information on what reviewers and review panels are looking for. 

If you are not currently based in Oxford but would like to explore the possibility of applying for and undertaking a fellowship in our department, informal enquires are welcomed and should be directed to