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We aim to address the issues that have led to current failures in the translation of basic bioscience into affordable and widely adopted new treatments.

We aim to address the issues that have led to current failures in the translation of basic bioscience into affordable and widely adopted new treatments.

We are an internationally-recognised collaboration between the University of Oxford and University College London, focused on tackling some of the fundamental issues that are holding back medical innovation, such as the regulatory framework and the present systems inbuilt inefficiency and duplication. Our academic work focuses on the individual and societal understandings regarding value and risk in healthcare, and the social contract between the healthcare system and citizens. We investigate how this framework guides the adoption of innovative medicines. Our projects involve multiple stakeholders and take an iterative problem-solving approach to the medical innovation challenge, with input from the public, patients and policy-makers to understand their values and expectations. Using holistic methods, our research puts the patient at the centre of focus, but we also explore problems from all viewpoints to provide meaningful outputs and guide policy development to enable sustainable solutions.

We undertake projects such as adaptive development pathways and licensing for innovative therapies in the EU, and on accelerating innovation in the UK, with input into the Department of Health’s Accelerated Access Review. We explore innovation adoption into the NHS focusing on tri-sectorial collaboration and digital technology which can be used to inspire new methodology and frameworks for future projects. We investigate the issues arising from health economics during the decision-making and patient access processes, with the aim of informing and influencing future policy decisions, and we examine individual and societal attitudes and actions to value and risk.

Our mission is to provide multiple benefits – for patients, having earlier access to innovative medicines; for clinicians, as we provide knowledge that could enable better understanding of unmet medical need with advanced therapies; for companies, who, through us, are then able to reach markets and earn revenue without huge investments; for regulators, enabling more flexibility dealing with sought-after high priority medicines; and for reimbursement agencies, who can see the real-world effects of these medicines before final pricing evaluations.

We also work collaboratively with other organizations across the globe – providing high-impact academic contributions and thought leadership, influencing leaders to collaboratively foster advancement, and inspiring future innovative research.

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