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Get Involved

why take part?

We want to find new ways to diagnose and treat the growing numbers of people with diabetes. Clinical trials are a vital way of discovering treatments or technologies that could make a difference to people with diabetes and other health conditions in the future.  Some of these treatment may be new drugs or devices, and other may test older interventions that may be used in different ways. 

To do our studies at DTU and OCDEM, we need healthy volunteers and people with diabetes or other health conditions to take part. Without them, our research simply cannot take place.

By taking part in a clinical study, you are helping us find out if our innovative studies could benefit people with these health conditions.  You could help researchers develop better ways to diagnose or treat diabetes and related conditions, or help establish which treatments work best in particular groups of people.

What is it like to take part?

To find out more about clinical trials here at the DTU and OCDEM, and what it is like to take part in a clinical trial, watch our video:

Join our Research Recruitment Register

To do our studies at OCDEM, we need healthy volunteers and people with diabetes or other health conditions, and are looking for people to join our Research Recruitment Register – our database of people interested in finding out more about research.

 If you join you will be kept informed about our research and about any clinical research that you could take part in.

We are looking for people over the age of 18 years who are in any of the following categories:

  • Are healthy
  • Have diabetes
  • Have lipid metabolism disorders, such as elevated blood levels of cholesterol and/or triglyceride
  • Have parents, children or siblings with diabetes

If you are interested in joining or finding out more, we’d like to hear from you.

Please send your details to us – simply email, call us on 01865 857287.

By replying you are granting permission for us to contact you. The information you give us will only be seen by OCDEM staff and we will not use it without your consent. 

Thank you in advance for your support. By signing up to our database, you’re helping us continue our efforts to help people with cardiometabolic disorders.