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Patient Groupblood group

Oxford Blood Group is a patient involvement group for anyone with a haematology (blood) condition.  Our members are people who have been treated at the Oxford hospitals and throughout the Thames Valley Network.

 Our aim is:

  • to involve people in the research that goes on in Oxford
  • to inform people of training opportunities, events and activities to take part in
  • to engage people who use our services in quality improvement and service development.

Group members might, for example, be asked to review patient information that is given to people taking part in clinical trials.  They will be notified about opportunities to take part in trial management or research priority setting. They might be invited to suggest quality improvement initiatives, or to comment on their experience of an aspect of our service. There are opportunities here to get involved in our research as a patient or a member of the public.

To find out more:



Twitter: @oxford_blood

This video explains the aims of the Oxford Blood Group and how patients with blood disorders, their carers and other members of the public can be involved.


Rare Disease Day 28 February 2018



MDS video series

 A series of videos on MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndromes) based on questions from patients

1. What can cause MDS to occur?

 2. Gene mutations in MDS

 3. CAR-T Therapy

4. Graft versus Leukaemia and Graft versus Host

5. Is MDS hereditary?

6. Chromosomes and MDS

7. Haplo and cord transplants

8. Is there a link between MDS and polymyalgia?

 9. Is there an age limit to treatments for MDS?

10. Blasts and Sideroblasts in MDS

11. Iron overload and MDS

12. Brief explanation of NICE

13. Is there a link between radiation and MDS?

14. Research into MDS

15. Highlights of progress in MDS Research

16. One patient's reality of living with MDS