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HaemBio Biobank prioritises the collection, storage and distribution of tissue samples as necessary to deliver approved research programmes.

Biobank Content

The Biobank collects serial samples from the same individual wherever possible.  The Biobank is divided into five ‘modules’ operating under the same over-arching HaemBio protocol:


  • MDSBio: samples from patients with AML/ MDS/ CMML/ MPN/ MDS-MPN overlap
  • MyelomaBio: samples from patients with Myeloma/ related plasma cell dyscrasias (Plasmacytoma, AL Amyloid)
  • LymphomaBio: samples from patients with Lymphoma and related lymphoproliferative disorders.
  • NormalBio: Healthy volunteers
  • ChildBio: samples from neonates or children with silent TL-DS, TL-DS, ML-DS or DS-ALL.

Tissue Samples Collected

Different types of samples may be collected under different modules e.g. bone marrow aspirates, blood and blood derivatives, formalin-fixed bone marrow trephines, germline materials.

For more information and what is available please contact the  Biobank Administrator.

Applying for access to samples

Researchers wishing to access samples from the Biobank should in the first instance approach:

  • the HaemBio Biobank CI, or
  • the Module Lead Clinician, or
  • the Biobank Administrator. 


An Application for Access to Sample form can  then be completed and sent to the Biobank Administrator.

Summary of the application process can be found here.





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