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HaemBio collects samples from participants with a potential or already known haematology malignancy and distribute them as necessary to deliver approved research projects.

Patient Information Sheet

If you are asked whether you would like to donate samples to the HaemBio Biobank you will be given a copy of the relevant Patient Information Sheet, for your condition, to read which gives more information about the biobank and what would be involved should you decide to participate. If you agree to participate, you will have to complete a Consent Form.

Who can participate?

All participants will be selected based on the Biobank eligibility criteria.   We are interested in participants with  a potential or already known haematology malignancy.   For  more information and list with accepted  diagnosis please contact the Biobank Administrator.

Withdrawal from HaemBio Biobank

If you wish to withdraw from the Biobank you can without having to give a reason. You can contact: 

  • Principal Investigator at the Tissue Collection Centre or delegate member of the research team, or
  • Write to the Chief Investigator, or
  • Write to the Biobank Administrator 

Please note: 

If you withdraw from the Biobank, the data and samples already collected from you will be used for future research unless you specifically withdraw consent for this. Samples and data that have already been processed and used in analysis cannot be withdrawn.


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