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The HaemBio Biobank is a research resource of the University of Oxford. It collects and stores samples according to regulatory requirements.

© Photo Credit: Martin Phelps


HaemBio is a new Biobanking protocol which has developed from MDSBio. MDSBio has been a long standing research study (starting in 2006) into the biology of a type of blood cancer called Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) and related myeloid blood cancers Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) and Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN). 
We now extend Biobanking to incorporate other haematological cancers including myeloma and related plasma cell cancers, paediatric leukaemias of Down Syndrome and lymphomas (cancer of lymphoid tissues and cells) under a new name, HaemBio. HaemBio opens more opportunities to study all blood cancers and extract maximum benefit for patients.


The broad aims of HaemBio biobank are:

  1. To coordinate the collection and storage of samples for blood cancer research
  2. To provide access to high quality human samples in accordance with ethical and regulatory standards.
  3. To increase understanding of blood cancers to improve patient outcomes through better use of existing therapy and discovery of new therapies.


The HaemBio Biobank is funded by:

The Biobank is not run for profit but may apply (or co-apply) for additional grant or commercial infrastructure and/or project funding. It may also seek to recover the actual operating costs of work required to acquire, process, store and supply samples and data.


The Biobank protocol, patient information sheets, consent forms and any other information that will be presented to potential patients (e.g. advertisements or information that supports or supplements the informed consent) have been reviewed and approved by an appropriately constituted, independent NHS Research Ethics Committee. 

HaemBio Biobank policy is to release samples for use in medical research only after ethical approval for that research has been demonstrated. For research that falls within the REC ‘generic’ approval of the research tissue bank (HaemBio Biobank), review will be undertaken internally by the HaemBio Governance Committee



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