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TEPHRA (Trial of Exercise to Prevent HypeRtension in young Adults)

We are conducting this trial to learn more about hypertension in young adults and to better understand how exercise acts to reduce blood pressure.

CHAPTER (Cardiovascular Health Assessment of Preterm and TERm-born children)

The purpose of the CHAPTER study is to help understand how complications during pregnancy, such as preterm birth, affect how childrens’ hearts and blood vessels develop.

EVAREST (Echocardiography - Value and Accuracy at Rest and Stress)

EVAREST is CCRF-led multi-centre trial which aims to identify and validate novel blood and imaging biomarkers of potential value for consistent and accurate interpretation of stress echocardiography.

HyperEcho (Hypertension management in Young adults Personalised by Echocardiography and clinical Outcome)

The purpose of the HyperEcho study is to identify novel cardiovascular imaging phenotypes which may help in improving and personalising the management of young adults with hypertension.

POP-HT (Physician Optimised Post-partum Hypertension Treatment)

This trial is looking at the impact that blood pressure control has on women who have had a hypertensive pregnancy (pre-eclampsia or gestational hypertension). We plan to assess whether blood pressure self-management at home can improve blood pressure control and, whether any reduction in blood pressure in these first few months after giving birth can reduce the long-term effects these conditions have on the heart, brain and blood vessels.

ECHOVision (Development of tools for quality assessment, quantification and outcome prediction from echocardiographic images)

This study aims to develop novel tools for quality assessment, quantification and outcome prediction from heart ultrasound images.

CLEAR-UK (COVID-19 Learning from Echocardiography and Artificial intelligence Research)

This study aims to better understand how heart ultrasound scans were used during the first wave of the pandemic and to see how best to use them during subsequent waves of COVID-19 and any future pandemics.

#SELFIE (Study from Early Life with Follow-up Into Early adulthood)

#SELFIE is investigating the structure and function of your heart and how it responds to exercise, using methods including ultrasound imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of your heart.

CAREFOL-HT - Clinical Antenatal Randomised study to CharactErise key roles of TetrahydroFOLate in HyperTensive Pregnancies

CAREFOL-HT is investigating whether the circulating molecule tetrahydropbiopterin (BH4), plays a role in pre-eclampsia and if its levels are associated with changes in the structure and function of the heart and blood vessels in mothers and babies.

DAIMonD (Diastolic Artificial Intelligence Modelling on cardiovascular Data)

This study aims to investigate the accuracy of a new method of assessing heart function, by retrospectively collecting clinical ultrasound scan data which is paired to directly measured heart pressure data in the same individuals.