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AVIC WebLearn

Facility numbers

MRI Control Room – 72867 / 72591

Cath Lab Control Room – 72575 / 72655

Recovery Area – 72576 / 72866

Treatment Room – 72865

Examination Room – 72583



Alison / Peter x72577


Operations Manager:

Carol x72585


AVIC nurse bleep:

  • 6819 nurse 1
  • 6856 nurse 2

To bleep:

89 – bp number – 5 digit extension

AVIC Inductions

If you wish to have access to AVIC you will require an induction. These are held every third Tuesday of the month at 3pm in the AVIC seminar room on level 2. You are welcome to turn up and do not need to pre-book; however, please note that the session may have to be postponed at short notice so it is advisable to check the day before.




16 October

20 November

18 December

Magnet Safety Training

Magnet safety training is provided by OCMR and FMRIB and there are usually two sessions per month. Attendance at one of these sessions will cover you to work in AVIC, OCMR and FMRIB. Annual renewal is required.