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Commercial organisations, please read the Licensing conditions before use.

The following implementations of the HOMA2 Calculator software are available:


The standalone version of the HOMA2 Calculator uses the HOMA2 model to estimate beta cell function (HOMA_%B) and insulin sensitivity (HOMA_%S) for an individual from simultaneously measured fasting plasma glucose and fasting plasma RIA insulin values. Fasting specific insulin or C-peptide values can be used instead of radioimmunoassay (RIA) insulin values. The HOMA2 model is calibrated to give HOMA_%B and HOMA_%S values of 100% in normal young subjects when using a suitable insulin assay. See History and FAQ for further details.

Microsoft Excel

An Excel spreadsheet implementation is included with in the standard download which permits HOMA_%B and HOMA_%S estimates to be calculated for multiple individuals simultaneously. A Validation spreadsheet is also included to allow verification that the library is installed and running correctly.

Applications Programming Interface

An applications programming interface (API), encapsulating the HOMA2 Calculator as an ActiveX module or DLL on Windows or as a shared library on Macintosh, is available for incorporation in other software packages, subject to licensing terms. To discuss licensing arrangements, see the Licensing page.


Standalone and Excel implementations

  • Windows - after download, run the installer provided. For use on 64 bit Excel, you will need to select the option "Include 64 bit Excel Support".
  • Mac OS X - after download, open the Disk Image. Drag the Application to your applications folder. To use the Excel implementation you must also run the Installer provided.
  • Linux Deb
  • Linux RPM

For older 32 bit or PowerPC based Macintosh machines or those using Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier: