RDM Pump priming funding

Pipette tips

The Radcliffe Department of Medicine (RDM) is keen to build new collaborations between researchers in different parts of the department and to foster new synergies. To aid in this process, we are making funding available to pump prime new initiatives. 

We are looking to fund novel and innovative projects which would be difficult to get funded from external peer-reviewed sources because the project is too high risk or the data is too preliminary, or where a rapid decision is needed, or where there are concerns about confidentiality that make external peer-review unattractive.

Priority will be given to applications that initiate a new collaboration between researchers who have not previously worked together and who are based in different divisions of RDM (CVM, IMD, NDCLS, OCDEM, & WIMM). However, if well justified, applications will be also considered where a new collaboration is being established between researchers within the same division. Applications
with non RDM applicants or collaborators will not be considered.

We are currently accepting application for RDM Pump Priming Funding. The deadline for receipt of pump priming applications is noon, Thursday 20th April 2017.


Where possible, applications should not include a request to fund personnel who will be hired into a one year position, as we recognise the difficulties associated with such short term hires.

Review process

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of senior academics within RDM. Applications will not be sent for external peer review.

Any questions regarding RDM pump priming funding should be directed to Ruth McCaffrey.