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About RDM

The Radcliffe Department of Medicine (RDM), University of Oxford, is a large multi-disciplinary department with research interests that span the translational spectrum, from basic biological research through to clinical application.

The department has internationally renowned programmes in a broad range of sciences related to medicine, ranging from cardiovascular, diabetes, endocrinology, and stroke research, to molecular medicine, immunology, haematology and pathology, including programmes in stem cell & regenerative medicine.

The Radcliffe Department of Medicine, Oxford, is led by Prof Hugh Watkins. Read more

Latest Publications

MLL-AF4 Spreading Identifies Binding Sites that Are Distinct from Super-Enhancers and that Govern Sensitivity to DOT1L Inhibition in Leukemia

Posted 20/01/2017

Jon Kerry et al have probed gene regulation in mixed-lineage leukemia (MLL), highlighting a possible biomarker for treatment selection and combination. MLL is a form of leukemia characterised by the translocation of the MLL gene from chromosome 11. This translocation produces over 120 fusion ...

Athena SWAN

The Radcliffe Department of Medicine is fully committed to implementing the Athena SWAN initiative and supporting the careers of its students and staff. RDM currently holds a Silver award. Read more

Athena Swan

Latest News & Events

RDM website redevelopment – staff and student profile pages

Posted 21/02/2017

As previously announced, we are redeveloping the RDM website in order to streamline communications and better articulate our cutting-edge research. As part of the RDM website redevelopment, you all have the opportunity to have an online profile page. This page is a chance for you to tell others ...

Drugs from bugs tops list of LAB282’s first round of grants

Drugs from bugs tops list of LAB282’s first round of grants

Posted 21/02/2017

Oxford University and Evotec’s drug discovery partnership launched last year to quickly accelerate drugs to market begins making awards. LAB282, the £13m drug discovery partnership for Oxford University, has made its first wave of awards, backing projects targeting cardiovascular and infectious ...

Oxford International Women’s Festival

Oxford International Women’s Festival

Posted 13/02/2017

RDM researchers are taking part in the Oxford International Women’s Festival (24-11 March), which celebrates ‘Women Thinking Big in the Arts, Science, Politics and Education’. Dr Mariane Bertagnolli (Leeson Group) will be giving a special Oxford Sci Bar talk about the links between maternal health ...

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