OCDEM scientists inspire the next generation at local school

Diabetes researchers from OCDEM head to a local school to help children understand more about DNA, sugar and diabetes.

Diabetes researchers go back to school for British Science Week

As part of British Science Week 2017 (13 to 18 March), scientists from the Gloyn and McCarthy research teams visited Headington Prep school for a series of exciting Diabetes-themed hands-on workshops. Students and post-docs from the research group designed and lead activities to introduce the girls to the concepts of DNA and how our body controls their blood sugar levels.

There were opportunities to extract DNA from strawberries, craft DNA bracelets and to experimentally determine how much exercise they needed to do to burn off a slice of pizza. The youngest members of the school were introduced to Mr Boris Beta-cell and then had the opportunity to make their own human islet cells. The action packed day was a great success with huge enthusiasm and engagement from the pupils.

The Headington Prep pupils were not afraid to ask questions which demonstrated their curiosity with the world around them and the OCDEM team enjoyed working with such a bright group of budding future scientists!

You can read more about the day in the Oxford Mail.